Medical practitioners have treated atherosclerotic disease (heart attack, stroke, smoker’s leg) with chelation therapy for over 50 years. Lack of strong evidence led conventional practitioners to abandon its use in the 1960s and 1970s. This relegated chelation therapy to complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, who reported good anecdotal results.

Concurrently, the epidemiologic evidence linking xenobiotic metals with cardiovascular disease and mortality gradually accumulated, again suggesting a plausible role for chelation therapy. On the basis of the continued use of chelation, the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Maryland, USA) initiated a definitive trial of chelation therapy.

The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) proved chelation therapy to be safe. Chelation therapy reduced cardiovascular events and death from all causes significantly. The 5-year relative risk reduction in all-cause mortality was 43%. The magnitude of benefit is such that it suggests urgency in implementation of chelation therapy.

Recently, additive beneficial effects have been shown for the combination of chelation with high-dose oral vitamins. Compared to double placebo the active combination further reduced heart attack, stroke or death to an extent that was both statistically significant and of high clinical relevance.

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These study results had come as a surprise to the scientific community, where it was held for long that you can’t detox your body. Let’s look at the facts. Is there anything on top of a prudent (Mediterranean) eating style and exercise to get healthy? And which regime if any can really make a difference? Detoxing – the idea that you can flush your system of impurities and leave your organs clean has been a pseudo-medical concept for centuries, and many of the oldest religions practice fasting and purification. And while is has been known for long that e.g. metals play an important role in human biology, e.g. iron is critical for oxygen transport, e.g. zinc is a critical part of enzymes, novel evidence revealed there are many metals that are toxic to humans. These metals have been referred to as heavy metals or toxic metals. The terms are imprecise, we will use the term xenobiotic metal to refer to those toxic metals. The epidemiologic evidence that xenobiotic metals are toxic is robust. For example, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are ranked among the top 10 on the current Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Priority List of Hazardous Substances. Arsenic, lead, and mercury are ranked as the top 3 hazardous substances.

Within the cardiovascular system, xenobiotic metals have been linked to hypertension, atherosclerosis, dyslipidaemia, coronary artery disease, and peripheral artery disease (smoker’s leg). Especially, lead and cadmium demonstrate hazardous effects on human health. That explains in part the beneficial effects of removing these toxins from your system by chelation and detox therapy. However, additional mechanisms are at play, and all the benefits of the chelation and detox treatment are not yet understood.

The basic lifestyle ‘detox’ is not smoking, exercising and enjoying a healthy balanced eating style. Close your eyes, if you will, and imagine a Mediterranean diet. A table adorned with meat once per week, fish three times per week, and daily olive oil, cheeses, salads, wholegrain cereals, nuts and fruits. All these foods give the protein, amino acids, fats, fibre, starches, vitamins and minerals to keep the body – and your immune system, the biggest protector from ill-health – functioning perfectly.


So there is no need – with such a feast available – to punish ourselves to be healthy. In fact, it may be even more true today than 2400 years ago, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” ― Hippocrates. This eating the right foods and spices—and avoiding the wrong ones—could go a long way toward staving off everything from gut ailments to cancer.

However, in order to counteract the stresses of modern life, and the impact of a heavily polluted environment – unknown to Hippokrates, we have developed a 7-day oral/IV chelation and detox program that is comfortable and based on modern medicine, in fact, regular detoxing together with healthy nutrition is at the core of every form of regenerative and preventative medicine, and basis to treating modern lifestyle illnesses. Our chelation and detox treatment enables the body to regenerate and newly organize its powers of self-healing.